PRESS RELEASE: Grand Rapids Distillery Set to Release Long Road Straight Bourbon Whisky

Grand Rapids, Michigan – Grand Rapids-based Long Road Distillers will release their long anticipated Long Road Straight Bourbon Whisky on Tuesday, April 10 at the distillery on Grand Rapids’ West Side. Statewide distribution of the Bourbon will follow later in April.

Long Road Straight Bourbon Whisky is the oldest whisky released by the distillery to date. Straight whisky, by definition, must be aged at least two years in a new American Oak barrel that has been charred on the inside. Considering Long Road has only been in business for two and a half years, this Straight Bourbon Whisky was one of the first products distilled at the Grand Rapids distillery. The whisky’s mash bill consists of corn and wheat from Heffron Farms in Belding, Michigan and malted barley from Pilot Malt House in Byron Center, Michigan.

“We’re excited to finally release a Straight Bourbon into the world,” said Jon O’Connor, co-owner and co-founder of Long Road. “We’ve experimented with countless recipes and barrel profiles, and in the end, we feel like we took the time to get this one just right, without taking shortcuts.  Sourcing spirits from other distilleries is a fairly common practice in the industry, particularly with whisky. Our ‘take no shortcuts’ approach, paired with time honored distilling techniques and locally sourced ingredients has allowed us to create a world-class bourbon from scratch on Grand Rapids’ West Side.”

Long Road Straight Bourbon has been aged in 53 gallon, new American Oak barrels for over two years. It will be bottled at 93 proof, or 46.5% alcohol by volume.

In the month leading up to the release, Long Road will be posting educational blogs and informational tidbits on the significance of Bourbon to the beverage industry, what makes a whisky “straight”, and dispelling some common misconceptions related to one of America’s native spirits.

“As a local, craft distiller, we have a unique opportunity to connect with those who enjoy our spirits,” said Kyle VanStrien, co-owner and co-founder of Long Road Distillers. “We’re able to educate consumers on the process of crafting our spirits from start to finish, and what makes them so special.”

Follow along and stay up to date on release details at or through the distillery’s FaceBook page @longroaddistillersgr.


About Long Road Distillers:

Long Road Distillers was born from the belief that making world-class spirits means never taking shortcuts along the way. After becoming the first craft distillery in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Long Road Distillers formed relationships with local farmers to bring that mission to Grand Rapids’ West Side neighborhood. Each spirit produced at Long Road Distillers is milled from locally sourced ingredients, fermented, and distilled on-site. The result is an uncompromised lineup of spirits including Vodka, Gin, Whisky and more. Their spirits, along with a handcrafted collection of cocktails and a wide variety of food can be enjoyed at their tasting room on Leonard Street.

Posted on March 2, 2018 in News, Press Release

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